How Awareness Changes Everything

How Awareness Changes Everything

Have you ever asked yourself what life would be like if you were at your ideal weight, shape, and size?   How would you feel when you look in the mirror?  What would you say to yourself?  These are important questions in weight loss goals.   

When I ask some people what their ideal weight is, often they follow with  excuses as to why it comes back and how hard it is to lose.  Willpower and motivation are not enough to sustain permanent weight loss.   Through hypnosis a person can get  a clear sensory goal, which is essential.

Expanded Awareness Changes Desires

Awareness is the first step in drawing near to your goal and crucial to reaching it.  Furthermore, the ability to observe how your body feels AFTER you eat is pivotal to making change.  Hypnosis can be a great tool for opening this awareness.

Attention and awareness can be a crucial part of weight loss and stress reduction that hypnosis helps mature.  Changing your preferences through a greater awareness using The Ultimate Weight Loss Program here at Irving Hypnosis Center is how you will make straightforward lasting change manageable.

How many times have you felt hungry and instead of reaching for a snack, drank water instead?  Thirst is often mistaken for hunger.  Next time you feel you are hungry, reach for water instead and notice how you feel 5 minutes later.  This awareness can be coached in the mind body using hypnosis and is an effective way of shedding pounds with little effort.    

First Core Awareness

How does food feel in the body AFTER you eat it?  Most people are aware of how their body feels BEFORE they eat. They are aware of how food tastes, and what it cost, but that’s about it.  Hypnosis will give you a greater awareness of when you are full and and not overly stuffed.  You will not feel like you need to eat everything on your plate.  Hypnosis will give you permission to leave a few bites of food on your plate and help you become more aware of the pleasures food can give you.  Your preferences will change.

At Irving Hypnosis Center, we use the mind and body connection to make shedding weight painless.  When you become more aware of how food feels in your body, your weight loss goal becomes easier and automatic.  As your preferences change, your habits change and weight loss becomes doable without the torture.  Your old lifestyle will feel less attractive as your new lifestyle takes its place, and you begin to feel better. 

Expanding your awareness and feeling good about your new lifestyle can be key to permanent weight loss.  This is one of THREE CORE AWARENESSES used in The Ultimate Weight Loss Program brought to you by Irving Hypnosis Center, and we help you achieve your ideal weight, shape and size with this proven method. 

When you book an evaluation with us, it is totally free.  We will show you more about The Ultimate Weight Loss Program and how awareness can change your life.  We will show you what hypnosis is, how it works, and how our program is set up to give you a win.  Call today and feel good about your new life. 214-937-5237. 

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Jeff Denison is the owner of Irving Hypnosis Center and certified hypnotist and neuro-linguistic programming master practitioner.
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